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A Church Singer's Companion - Main Menu
Introduction - How to sing Orthodox chant in English
Vespers - Music of Vespers (The first part of the Vigil)
Matins - Music of Matins (part of Vigil)
Divine Liturgy - Music of the Divine Liturgy (Both of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil)
Fixed Cycle - Sheet music specific to each of the fixed feasts in the Russian Orthodox Christian liturgical calendar
The Paschal Cycle - Sheet music for the period from the preparation for Lent through the Sunday of All Saints
Occasional Services - Sheet music for occasional services (from the Book of Needs) in the Russian Orthodox Church

“Sing ye praises with understanding”
Psalm 46:7 (LXX)

Glory to God for His mercy.

This online book contains musical settings of English versions of texts of the invariable service and the weekly cycle needed for the choral performance of Saturday Vespers.

As God allows, this book is the first in a series. Preparation of like volumes for Matins and the Divine Liturgy is in progress. Others concerning Feasts and the Paschal cycle are also planned. The entire effort is for the support of Orthodox Christian congregations where worship in English takes place.

The Introduction contains didactic material, the purpose of which is to inform an audience that very likely includes those with little or no prior knowledge of the subject. It is the desire of the editor that these and all who use this work come to the knowledge they need so that they may serve God well through music in His holy temple.

All titles in the body of the book are in English according to the translations used. In the introduction, Russian words are transliterated according to a slightly modified version of the method used in The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary published in 1993 by Oxford University at the Clarendon Press. This method seems to require the least explanation to those for whom English is their only language.

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